Gruesome Playground Injuries
Rajiv Joseph

Chopin Theatre, 1543 West Division, Chicago.
July 5 - August 5, 2012

Rajiv Joseph's masterful play, an accident prone dare devil and a corrosive masochist navigate friendship, love and the squishy parts that lie in between. 8 year olds Doug and Kayleen meet in a school nurse's office, beginning a lifelong intimacy which is revealed through the physical and emotional injuries they sustain over 30 years. Gruesome Playground Injuries tells a different kind of love story through sharp humor and even sharper insights into the human condition.

Truly a different type of love story, Gruesome Playground Injuries will leave you smarting from its sharp humor and sharper insights.

New City Stage - recommended:“Gruesome Playground Injuries” is receiving its Chicago premiere by Rasaka Theatre Company at the Chopin Theatre in a compellingly intimate and terrifically acted reigns supreme in this charming production. (Johnny Oleksinski)

WBEZ - Dueling Critics - Don't-Miss List:  One greets with pleasure Rasaka's Chicago premiere of Rajiv Joseph's 2010 play Gruesome Playground Injuries

Time-Out Chicago - Critic's Pick: Gruesome Playground Injuries is, "well-served by Lavina Jadhwani’s fleet and funny production...Mouzam Makkar’s Kayleen...has lots of chemistry with Tim Martin’s Doug...Martin stands out, subtly conveying the masochistic streak underlying Doug’s boyish daredevilry."

Centerstage - recommended: This high-concept rom-com is funny, fast paced and intermittently smart...Joseph’s witty dialogue is endearing. Makaar and Martin are both very likable performers with great chemistry, tenderness and humor. The show is funny, fast paced and intermittently smart. 

Reader - recommended: Tim Martin is at once pitiable and endearing as extroverted klutz Doug; Mouzam Makkar is searing as the insular depressive he longs for. 

WKAN (Pamela Powell) - highly recommended: Chicago's theatrical environment was absolutely enriched because of this company...Chicago is so lucky to have such talented actors and small venues to perform. Gruesome Playground Injuries entertains...

The cast of Rasaka’s production featured Chicago actors Mouzam Makkar and Tim Martin

Production staff included:

  • Director                             Lavina Jadhwani
  • Scenic Designer             Roger Wykes 
  • Costume Designer         Rachel Sypniewski 
  • Lighting Designer           Sally Weiss 
  • Sound Designer              Jeffrey Levin
  • Dramaturg                        Kristin Idaszak 
  • Producer                           Kamal Hans (Managing Director)