Build with Us!!!

Help Tell Stories Authentically & Provide a Platform for South Asian Artists 

 In 2003, Rasaka Theatre Company NFP, a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit was formed. The purpose of the non-profit is to support the continuing operations and mission of the theatre.  Rasaka’s goal is to increase diversity among artists and audience by engaging and illuminating the South Asian American experience, with particular dedication to providing a platform for the artistic expression of South Asian artists, dedicated to telling stories through relevant media – mainly theatre and illuminating the South Asian experience with historical, cultural, and artistic significance, and to educate the public through these shared experiences.  

If you choose to build with us, you’re making a choice to support independent and local art.  RasakaTheatre is one of the only purely South Asian performance arts company in Chicago and one of the few in the United States. Since 2003 we have been creating and sharing authentic stories with Chicago.  Artists that have been home grown are now TV, Film and Theater stars.  So we’re inviting you to help us continue our mission by becoming a Rasaka Theatre Company creator.  When you become a creator you not only gain entry to private events and previews, but you also demonstrate a commitment to helping us continue our mission.